Meet The Staff

Page under construction. Photos coming soon!

Wish Read

Hi! My name is Wish Read and I am one half of the Vegas View and the President of the Panther Radio Society! I am a sophomore History and Legal Studies major at Kentucky Wesleyan College and I am here for a good time and hopefully not for longer than 4 years 🙂

Nate Varney

Hey! I’m Nate! I’m the Program Director of Panther Radio. I am currently a junior here at KWC and I am a Communication Arts major with a music minor. Radio is one of my passions and I love everything about it!

Makaelah Gilles

What’s up! I’m Mak. I’m a sophomore here at KWC studying graphic design and business. As for the radio, I am one half of evening shenanigans, a part of our campus close-up, and our Panther Radio Society treasurer!

Aubrey Rivera

Hey y’all, I’m Aubrey! Secretary of the Panther Radio Society, co-host of Evening Shenanigans, and I also help run the Campus Close-Up. I’m a sophomore zoology major here all the way from the south of Louisiana. I love finding and sharing good music through this station and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

Isaiah Calalang

My name is Isaiah Calalang and I’m a Junior Criminal Justice major at KWC. I’m the Vice President of the Panther Radio Society and also one of the interns for the Radio.

Emily Barber

Hi! My name is Emily. I’m a Hendersonian and Graphic Design major with a love for animation, comics, and other visual mediums. When I’m not at my computer or drawing table you can find me in antique stores and thrift shops looking for trinkets and collectibles. I’m also in charge of designing the WKWC website and host of the Triple Play of the Day every Monday!

TJ Rhinerson

I’m The Rev! I specialize in kicking it to promo tracks and making folks laugh! They call me The Rev because I’m a licensed minister, I call everyone “Boss” except my Boss!

Oliviya Coon

At the station I’m a show host on Thursdays from 9-11. I’m a freshman and a psychology major. I’m a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Nevada where I’m from so when I’m on air I bust myths and give fun facts about hair, skin and, nails. I love dogs and have one back home who I miss. I enjoy being on the radio because it gets me out of my comfort zone. 

Logan Reed

Hello, my name is Logan Reed, and I am a DJ here at 90.3 WKWC Panther Radio. I am a freshman here at Kentucky Wesleyan College and I major in Legal Studies. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada where I was born and raised. I absolutely love music which is why I am looking forward to continuing work here at the station. My musical interests include Classic Rock, Alternative, Pop, Rap, Country, R&B, and the Golden Oldies.

Claire Sloan

Hey hello my name is Claire Sloane. I’m from Las Vegas, NV and I’m studying health sciences and running track. I’m a new member to the Panther Radio Society so I don’t have any other roles besides standard radio host 🙂

Ricky Simpson

Im Ricky Simpson. I am a Dj and I work on the community calendar here at the radio. I am a junior health and physical education major. I love art and everything music.

Lain Taleno

Hi. I am Lain Taleno. I guess you can say I am an entrepreneur of sorts. I left radio briefly to pursue a career in memes. Hence the picture. Yes! I am the famous “Sombrero Man” used in thousands of memes worldwide! Now I just wear my sombrero on special occasions like Halloween and weddings. Now I am back in radio and as a humble bacon evangelist. Praise the frying sound of bacon! This is what I get for not giving the radio station a bio and picture. 😊